Citibank Credit Card Payment Online: – How to Pay Citibank Credit Card Bill

citibank credit card payment

Pay Citibank Credit Card Online

Is your Citibank credit card payment due? No worries! Pay the bill online to save your time and efforts. Citibank credit card users have ample of options to pay their bills. Know all the different ways for Citibank credit card bill payment online. The multiple ways offered by the bank are hassle-free and time-saving. You can pay your bill of the Citibank card through any bank account also. Your credit card dues can be paid on time with your convenient way. We have elaborated all the methods here. Choose the option best suitable for you and make your city card payment. Users can also learn how to pay HDFC credit card and Axis bank credit card payments.

Credit cards are a wonderful way of getting cash back opportunities and making cashless purchases. A large number of people are using credit cards of Citi Bank. The bank is currently offering cards for fuel purchase and travel. Cards for shopping and cashback are also available. Though the payment of Citibank credit card can be done manually, the online payment has many benefits. With online payment, your funds will be credited faster. You can avoid the hassle of remembering the due date by using the Citibank credit card bill payment option of standing instruction.


citibank credit card payment


Online Citibank Credit Card Payment Procedures

You can pay your Citibank credit card payment using your Citibank account. At the same time, you can also use another bank account. It is not necessary that you hold an account with Citibank.It is possible to make online citibank credit card payment without its account.

Citibank Credit Card Payments using Citibank Account

If you are also holding an account with the bank and using its credit card, you can use these methods.

  1. Standing instructions on Citibank Account | Auto-Debit

Set up standing instructions to pay partial or total due amount of your credit card. Set a monthly date as suitable to you. And your Citibank credit card payment will be debited automatically every month. The best part of this method is that you will be saved from the stress of remembering the due date.

  1. Citibank Online Banking

Use your Citibank net banking facility to pay your bills whenever you want. However, it is always recommended to pay your bills before the due date.

  1. Citibank Mobile Banking

Smartphone users can pay the Citibank credit card bill payment on the go. Visit and pay your Citi card bill using your cell.

HDFC Credit Card Payment

ICICI Credit Card Bill Payment



citibank credit card bill

Citibank Card Payment from your Other Bank Accounts

Use following options for Citibank credit card payment from non-Citibank accounts.

All these options are simple to understand. You can pay your Citibank credit card payments from any bank account.

  1. NEFT – Transfer funds from any bank account to the Citibank credit card account. Use your login at your net banking account and enter card details. Enter your credit card number and mention your bank name as Citibank. Enter the amount and payment account type. The citibank credit card payment will be processed on the same day if you pay before 5.30 PM.
  2. RTGS – Use RTGS to pay your credit card bill using the same guidelines as for NEFT process. The funds will be transferred on the same day.
  3. E-Pay – This is one of the easiest methods for Citibank credit card payment. Click the option of E-Pay at the official site of the Citibank to get this page. Click “I Accept” to proceed further. Enter your credit card number twice. Also, enter your mobile no., email address, and payment amount. Select your bank account. It will take 2-3 working days for the process of payment.
  4. VMT – Visa Money Transfer – This method also lets you pay your Citibank credit card bill payment using other bank accounts. The payment will be processed in 2 to 4 working days.
  5. ECS for Citibank Credit Card Payment – The electronic clearing system is the facility where you can set standing instructions or auto-debit. Authorize Citibank to debit your other bank account. You can also set the date and set the amount. Either you can choose to pay the minimum amount or a fixed amount or the total bill amount. You just need to fill up a form and send it to the Citibank.
  6. Your Net Banking facility – You can use the net banking facility of any other bank account. It will take few minutes to make Citibank credit card payment. Here, you will have to select the Citibank which is included as a Utility Billers.

For the manual Citibank credit card payment, you can use the options of drop boxes and Citibank ATMS. You can drop cheques and pay by cheque or cash at the Citibank ATMs. It will take 2-3 working days for the transaction. Cheque payments will take up to seven business days. You can set alert message for the receipt of the cheque by the bank.

We are sure all the above methods are very simple for you. Are you still facing any issue with your Citibank credit card payment process? Call the Citibank customer care numbers. The Citibank credit card customer care section is working 24X7 to solve queries of the users. You will also find methods to pay online bills for the utility services. Keep visiting to know easy online payment options. Pay your bills of mobile, gas, water, and electricity online.

Guide to LIC Online Payment at LIC Premium Payment Online

lic india payment

Online LIC Payment

For all LIC policy holders, LIC online payment is a matter of great comfort. Pay premiums online, whether you are a registered user or not registered. Payment can be made via net banking, debit card or credit card. If you are a subscriber of LIC policies, this post will benefit you a lot. We will show you how to pay LIC Premium online. Online LIC payment will save your precious time visiting LIC offices. No need to rely on the LIC agents for payment of premiums. Besides LIC online payment, you can monitor your policy status of LIC and bonus online. The official portal offers a great number of online facilities to the registered users. Any subscriber of policy can register online and avail the time-saving services. If you have an easy internet access, do get registered and explore the services.

lic india payment

Once you go through this post, you will be familiar with online LIC payment. The complete step-wise procedure will make your premium payments hassle-free. Multiple policies are monitored and paid by creating a single login account. First of all, you need to fulfill the registration process. It involves creating your unique id and password at the We have shared here complete procedure of registration and LIC online payment. These facilities are making life easier for lakhs of policy holders. Let us go through the procedure of online LIC payment in details.

Other bill payments online

How to Pay LIC Premium Online?

Whether you are a registered user or no, you can do LIC online payment with debit card, credit card, and net banking. Subscribers have to choose the appropriate payment option depending on whether you are a registered user or not registered at the LIC website. Here we start with procedure for the new users without registration.

Online LIC Payment Procedure for New User [without registration]

Follow the step wise procedures and follow the quoted links:

  1. Visit the official website:
  2. Click the tab ‘Pay Premium Online’ shown at the right-hand side of the homepage.
  3. You will see two clear options for paying with ‘No Registration Required’. And also for option ‘Registration Required.’
  4. Click the option ‘No Registration Required – Pay Direct’
    LIC Online Payment
  5. A new page will appear with details to be filled in.
  6. Start your LIC online payment procedure by entering your policy number.
    lic premium payment online
  7. The installment amount of premium.
  8. Select your date of birth.
  9. Type your email id and mobile number.
  10. Fill in the captcha code as shown.
  11. Give a check on the ‘I agree’ and hit the ‘submit’ button.
  12. You will be directed to the payment page.
  13. Here you can choose the mode of payment and hit the ‘proceed’ button.

Now you have done with your LIC online payment. If the premium installment amount is debited from your bank account, you will receive a receipt by email. You will receive it within 3 working days after receiving confirmation from your bank. For any error send a communication to Billdesk and few other popular portals also allow that. You can even pay electricity bill online through that portal. Learn how to do following electricity bill payment

LIC Online Payment Procedure for Registered Users

The advantage of being a registered user is that you can view all your enrolled policies. Apart from that LIC online payment can be done through the website as well. No need to enter your policy number. You can just select the policy from your list of enrolled policies to pay a premium. Here goes the online premium payment procedure for registered user.

  1. Visit the official website:
  2. Click the tab ‘Pay Premium Online’ shown at the right hand side of the homepage.
  3. You will see two clear options for paying with ‘No Registration Required’. And also for option ‘Registration Required.’
  4. Click the option ‘Registration Required – Pay Premium through e-Services’.
    lic online payment for registered users
  5. If you are already registered, click the tab of ‘registered user’ to login.
  6. If you are not registered, click the table new user to go through registration.
  7. Login with user name and password (after registration).
  8. Click the ‘Go‘, to proceed to the next page.
  9. Select the option of Pay Premium Online at the customer service menu.
  10. Select the policy from the list of your enrolled policies for which you want to pay premium.
  11. Give a click on ‘submit’ button.
  12. You will be directed to the payment gateway.
  13. Make payment successfully using credit card/debit card/net banking. You will be selecting the bank through which you will process LIC online payment.

You can view online the premium receipt too. You can print it out too whenever you need. The copy of receipts for LIC online payments is sent through email. You can download and print the copy for your personal or verification purpose. It is a valid proof of your payment.

Additionally, it is easy to track LIC policy status online through their portal. We hope you will now enjoy the comfort of paying LIC premiums online. All bank cards are accepted. Know more about bank cards and bill payment from our portal. Share the guide to LIC online payment with your friends and relatives. A very large number of people are subscribed with life insurance corporation. It is the most trustworthy and the largest life insurance provider in India. It is insuring people all over country with various categories and types of schemes. Jeevan saral, jeevan rakshak, and LIC jeevan anand are some of its very famous schemes. Drop your comments if you are confused with procedure of LIC online payment of premiums. Registered and new users can also check LIC policy status at the portal. ibillpayment covers all your insurance policy bill issues and policies.

ICICI Credit Card Payment: How to Pay ICICI Credit Card Bill Online/ Offline

ICICI Credit Card Bill Payment

ICICI Credit Card Payment

Learn how to pay ICICI Credit Card Payment online and offline. ICICI offers a variety of convenient payment options to pay your credit card bills. We have elaborated all the different ways available for ICICI bank credit card payment. The various online options are NEFT, auto-debit, debit card, internet banking and others. Alternatively, customers can also pay manually through ATMs, DDs, by Cash, or cheques. Check all the ways in details and choose the method most suitable to you. The credit card facility is very important for cashless shopping and other quick transactions. is guiding users to pay their bills online. A thorough knowledge of all the online payment procedures will help users to save their time. No more standing in long queues to pay your electricity bills, LIC online premiums, and other significant bills.

Paying monthly bills can wearisome in absence of convenient ways. Now you can pay your bills just with a few clicks of your mouse. Hence, our blog offers guidance on paying ICICI credit card payment. You will also find ways to pay credit card bills of HDFC, SBI, and Axis bank. Paying your credit card bills on time is very significant to keep your services seamless. Use these comfy methods for ICICI bank credit card payment. ICICI is the major private sector bank offering banking services, loans, and treasury and investment options.

ICICI Credit Card Payment

ICICI Bank Credit Card Payment Online / Offline

Regardless of whether you have an account with ICICI bank or no, you can pay your ICICI bank credit card bills online.

ICICI Credit Card Bill Payment using ICICI Bank Account

Here are some ways to pay your ICICI credit card bills using your account with ICICI bank. If you have an account with the bank, here are the most convenient ways to pay your ICICI credit card payment.

  1. Pay Via ATM – ICICI account holders can visit any ICICI bank ATM and can pay using a debit card.
  2. Call to Pay – If you are holding ICICI debit card, you can pay 24 hour ICICI credit card customer care. Just follow the instructions on IVR and make your ICICI credit card bill payment.
  3. Auto Debit – The most convenient and safe way to pay your ICICI credit card payment. With auto debt, you do not need to remember the due dates. Your ICICI bank credit card payment will be automatically debited from your bank account on a fixed date before it gets due.
  4. Debit Card – Follow the below steps to make ICICI credit card online payment. This facility is also known as Click to Pay facility.
  • Click here using Click to Pay
  • At the option given at the bottom of the page, select the card type as ICICI Bank Debit card.
  • Enter debit card number and outstanding bill amount.
  • Click ‘Pay now’ to reach payment gateway.
  • Complete the payment and get the transaction reference number.

You will also get notification by email for the transaction.

ICICI Credit Card Bill Payment

ICICI Credit Card Payment Online through Other Bank Accounts

You can also make ICICI credit card payment online through various other banks and portals.

  1. Click to Pay – The Click to Pay feature at ICICI net banking allows the customer to use other bank accounts for ICICI credit card payment. As it takes 3 working days for processing payment, a customer should pay in advance before the due dates.

Click the above link and select your net banker from the dropdown list of the banks. Enter all the details like card type, ICICI credit card number, and amount. Complete the procedure at the payment interface of your selected bank.

  1. IMPS – IMPS is yet another way to pay ICICI credit card bill payment. USE the IMPS merchant payment option through using other bank’s mobile app or website. Click the below link to view the list of all the banks for IMPS merchant payment.

Download the mobile app and open it. Login and click on the bank account option. Click on IMPS and select merchant payment. Type your bank account number in the source account field. Enter merchant mobile no. 7506612221 for ICICI bank credit cards. The Mobile money identifier 9229001 and enter the amount to pay. Enter your ICICI credit card number in the ‘payment reference number’ field. Finally, select ‘Go’ to complete the transaction.

  1. Net banking – Register your ICICI credit card details on your bank’s website and make the ICICI credit card payment through net banking of another bank.
  2. NEFT – If you have ICICI credit card and do not have account with it, you can pay your credit card bill through NEFT transfer.
  3. Cash/Cheque – Over the Counter Cash Payment and Cheque or DD are other offline modes of paying ICICI credit card payment.

Other interesting bill payment guide


Regardless of the payment option, do remember to pay your credit card bills well before due dates. The above ICICI credit card payment modes will help you to make timely payments. Regular payments are significant to get seamless services. We have posted procedures to pay LIC payment online, MSEB online bill payment and many other bills. Do not hesitate to send your queries with regard to online bill payments.

Let us know if you are having trouble. There are few online portals which allows bill payment through their portal. However, we only recommend to make ICICI credit card payment through the official website or net banking facility only. It is much easier. There is also an option of auto deduct which you can activate in your account to make regular payments automatically.

Axis Bank Credit Card Payment: Pay Axis Bank Credit Card Bill Online

Axis bank credit card payment

Axis Bank Credit Card Payment

Know all different ways of online Axis bank credit card payment. There are multiple ways of paying axis bank credit card bills. Choose the most appropriate one for you and enjoy the hassle free banking. There are tons of online platforms available for online bill payments. But we suggest using the ways offered by the official portal of the bank.

We have listed all the available online bill payment methods. If you are using axis bank credit card, you need to remember the due date of the monthly payment. The online payment method will save you from visiting the bank or ATMs. You will also get rid of tension of remembering the due dates every month. The convenient online axis bank credit card payment methods like auto-debits are very popular now.

Get familiar with all the online axis bank credit card payment methods. This post will also relate you to how to use these online methods. You can select the most suitable method as per your schedule and convenience. If you are tired of visiting your bank every month to pay your credit card bill, then you must go through the online ways. also carries online methods for payment of SBI credit card status.

Axis bank credit card payment

Axis Bank Credit Card Online Payment Methods

Find here all the different ways of paying your axis bank credit card bills. Links to the precise page for payment is shared for your best convenience.

Axis Bank Credit Card Bill Payment through Internet Banking

If you have a saving account with axis bank, use your net banking facilities to pay your bills.

  1. Use the net banking page of axis bank and login using your credentials.
  2. Go to the ‘credit card’ option and then ‘balance and payment’ option.
  3. Select the card number and account you want to use to pay the bill.
  4. Enter the amount to be paid and click submit.

Your axis bank credit card payment will be processed the same day.

Multiple Axis Bank Credit Card Payment through Axis Bank Internet Banking

Enjoying paying bills of your multiple axis bank credit card status through a single payment process. You will be using the same mode of internet banking of your axis bank account.

  1. Log on to your axis bank internet banking page.
  2. Go to section of <Accounts> and then <Pay Bill> option.
  3. Give a click on ‘Add New Biller’. Register your details with category of credit cards. Select the biller name as ‘Axis Bank Credit Card – Direct pay’.
  4. Enter biller details using nick name. Enter credit card no. and click on ‘Fetch’ button.
  5. Verify details by entering the net secure code. You will receive it through SMS on your cell.
  6. Click on ‘Add’ button.
  7. Now once again go to the internet banking page.
  8. Go to the Pay Bill Option. Select the option of the active Registered Biller and give a click on ‘Pay Now’.
  9. Choose any option from ‘One Time Payment’ or ‘Repetitive Payment’.
  10. If you select One Time Payment, funds will be debited instantly on real time basis. You have to enter the amount and click the ‘make hot payment’ check box.
  11. If you select Repetitive Payment, select the payment amount and select frequency. The funds will be debited weekly or monthly etc. on a particular day.

NACH – National Automated Clearing House

Enroll for the NACH and pay axis bank credit card payment from your account of any other bank. Download the NACH form and send it to the address as mentioned on the form.

NEFT – National Electronic Funds Transfer

Carry out axis bank credit card payment online using your account of any other bank. The NEFT facility allows you to transfer funds from your account to the axis bank credit card account. Log on to the internet banking facility of your (any other) bank. Select NEFT option. Fill up all the required details. Enter the details as under:

  • Beneficiary name: name as mentioned on the credit card
  • Beneficiary bank name: Axis bank
  • Branch name: Mumbai
  • Beneficiary account: your credit card number
  • IFSC code: UTIB0000400

Your payment will be processed in a single working day.

Axis bank credit card

Other Axis Bank Card Payment Options

Here are some more options for axis bank credit card payment.

Visa Money Transfer

Visa money transfer facility allows you to use your net banking facility or visa debit card. Your axis bank credit card payment will be made in 2 working days with visa money transfer. You will be using your net banking page (any bank other than axis bank) to make payment.

Online Payment using Bank Accounts other than Axis bank

Use your net banking facilities and pay online. Your bill will be paid in 3 working days. Hence, pay in advance before the due date.

Also pay other bills online/ offline:

HDFC credit card payment

Pay idea bill online

Mobile Payment of Axis Bank Credit Card Bill

Mobile banking is a new way to pay through your smartphones. Download the mobile banking app for axis bank credit card payment:

You can download the app for your android, windows or iphone. Make sure that you use the registered mobile number for mobile payments.

After downloading the app, go to the accounts option and click on credit card number. Click pay last bill option to proceed. You will also need to enter the mobile PIN. Payment will be done on the same day.

More and more users are now opting for online payment methods. Axis bank credit card payment can also be made offline. You can pay the bill of your credit card through cash, cheque, and DD. Or set standing instructions for auto debit from your account of another bank. Your bill amount will be automatically debited every month on the set date. No need to worry about the due dates during your hectic schedules. If you have any query related to axis bank card payment, do let us know. We would love to help you. We have also shown how to pay electricity bills of TNEB, Tata power, BSES, and MSES. Visit us to learn online bill payments of several services like banking, LIC, and mobile. Do consider sharing this useful information with your friends through social media.

SBI Credit Card Payment: 9 Different Modes to Pay SBI Credit Card Bill Online

SBI Credit Card Payment

SBI Credit Card Payment

SBI credit card users can get all information they need for SBI credit card payment online and offline. We have shared here all the modes that SBI is offering for credit card bill payments. Paying credit card bills on time is very important. It is a great way to maintain good credit with your banks. This also helps you to avoid penalties. If you are in no time to pay your bills by visiting banks or ATMs, make SBI credit card online payment. SBI offers several online modes for SBI credit card payment. These modes include NEFT, online SBI way, and debit card of other banks, SBI mobile banking, and many others. We have explained all the ways of SBI bank credit card payment online and offline.

Besides online payments, there are various offline methods too. We have also listed the offline ways of SBI credit card bill payment. Users have a great variety of options for paying credit card bill of State Bank of India. We have also shared procedures of paying mobile bills online. Electricity bills of MSEB and Bescom can also be paid online. The offline options to pay SBI bank credit card payment are electronic and manual drop boxes, and over the counter. Cash payment and payment at SBI ATMs using debit card are other offline modes of paying. Similarly, you can also make HDFC credit card bill payment online through different methods.

SBI Credit Card Payment

Online SBI Credit Card Payment: Online Modes of SBI Card Payment

Find below various digital ways of SBI credit card payment. There are 9 different mods to pay the bill. Make sure you follow the method you like the most.

Online SBI

This is one of the fastest ways to pay online. Here you will be using your SBI net banking facility. Use the given link and login using your registered id and password. Or you can register as a new user at After login follows the option view/pay bills. Click ‘without bills.’ Select SBI card as the biller and choose SBI account number for payment. Type the payment amount and click the option ‘Pay now.’ SBI credit card payment will be reflected in your credit card account within three working days.


If you have an account with SBI or any other bank, you can pay using below link. It is again one of the easiest way to pay sbi credit card payment online.

Login at this page and select the option ‘pay now’ at the dashboard page. Enter amount and select mode and bank name using the drop-down menu. Do confirm the details and get ret-directed to the payment interface to authorize payment. Your bank account will be debited online. Online transaction will be confirmed with transaction reference number. It will be sent to your registered mobile number and email address.


NEFT is a secured and fast way of paying SBI credit card payment. See the steps to pay SBI credit card payment through NEFT.

  1. Login to the net banking facility.
  2. Add SBI card as a beneficiary under the third party transfer.
  3. Enter IFSC code SBIN00CARDS.
  4. Type your 16 digits SBI credit card number in the place of account number at the net banking page.
  5. Fill the bank name as SBI CREDIT CARD – NEFT
  7. Click ‘submit’ tab to complete registration.

Payment will be shown in your credit card account in 1 working day.

SBI Credit Card Payment Online

Visa Credit Card Pay

Visa credit card gives you convenience to transfer funds to any SBI Visa credit card at any hour. Use the net banking facility page with your id and password. Follow the option Third Party Funds Transfer and choose ‘Visa Credit Card Pay’. Fill the sender details and recipient details. Click ‘confirm’ to debit your account. The payment will be shown in your account in three working days.

SBI Mobile Banking

Now enjoy paying your SBI credit card payment from your mobiles. Download the State bank Freedom application from google play, blackberry world, or app store. Send SMS typing MBSREG to 9223440000 to get user id and default MPIN. You can later change the MPIN through the app. Activate your mobile banking account by visiting any branch or ATM of SBI. Choose mobile registration option. Submit the registration form at the home branch of SBI and start paying your SBI credit card bill payment from your phones. Following details should be entered while paying:

  • Biller name: SBICARD
  • Location: National
  • BillDesk Biller ID: SBI CARD
  • Category and sub-category: Card
  • Type (Biller, Payee, or Both): Payee
  • Ref 1: Card number


Electronic Bill Payment (EBP) for SBI Bank Credit Card Payment

Now pay SBI bank credit card payment using electronic bill pay.

  1. Login to your net banking page of either SBI, Citibank, Indian Overseas Bank or Bank of India. (use the bank with which you have account).
  2. Add SBI Card as a biller.
  3. Fill all details of your credit card and payment amount.

Complete the payment procedure and it will be reflected as debited in your account in three working days.

Electronic Clearing Services (ECS)

Authorise SBI to deduct the credit card bill amount from your account and stay relaxed every month. The payment amount will be debited from your bank account and credit to your credit card on the due date.

  1. Visit this page of SBI:
  2. Download the ECS form and fill it.
  3. Send the form with a cancelled cheque to this address: SBI Card and Payment Services P Ltd., P.O.Bag no. 28, GPO, New Delhi – 110 001.

Payment will be debited from your SBI account on your due payment date. You need not worry about the due date.

SBI Auto Debit for SBI Credit Card Payment Online

Account holders of SBI and associate banks of SBI can use this facility. Set the auto debit with your bank account. Your SBI credit card payment will be debited every month from your account. The associate banks are given below:

  • State bank of Hyderabad
  • State bank of Mysore
  • State bank of Patiala
  • State bank of Travancore
  • State banks of Jaipur and Bikaner

You can deactivate this service whenever you require.

Debit Card

Use a debit card of any bank and visit the billdesk website. Type your credit card number, amount and email address. Choose the payment mode as debit card. Select your bank account. You will reach the payment gateway of your bank. Enter the details and verification code. You will receive an SMS and email for payment acknowledgement. It takes 2 working days for processing payment.

Pay SBI credit card payment online and make your life simpler. Our blog is guiding users for a huge number of various online bill payments. Learn how to pay your electricity bills online. Whether you want to make LIC payment or payment of your income tax. Get all guidance on our blog. You can drop your queries and confusions with regard to online bill payments. SBI credit card payment procedures will be simple to follow with our instructions. Visit bill payment portal for any information on bill payments of telecom companies too.

HDFC Credit Card Bill Payment: Online & Offline HDFC Credit Card Payment

hdfc credit card bill payment

HDFC Credit Card Bill Payment

Want to do your HDFC Credit Card Bill Payment online? Timely and regular credit card bill payments are very significant. This post elaborates how to make HDFC card payment online as well offline. HDFC bank offers a variety of ways to pay outstanding credit card bills. As we have shared here all the ways, you can pick up the one most suited to you. With all information on HDFC credit card payment, you can save yourself from delays and hassles in payment. We have also given ways of HDFC credit card bill payment for Non-HDFC account holders. Users not having an account with this bank can make the credit card payment from any bank. We strongly suggest credit card users go through the details thoroughly.

Credit card bill payments are significant to pay on time. Stay updated on all the ways that you can use anytime with or without using the internet. No fees are charged for bill payment by HDFC for most of the ways. Some payment methods are charged the processing fees by bank. Hence, you can choose any method you like. All necessary information on how to make HDFC credit card bill payment is given further in details. All the necessary details and guides are covered on billpayment portal. Make sure you follow our portal carefully.

hdfc credit card bill payment

NOTE: For your safety, we highly recommend opening official website by either manually entering the URL or through Google search.

How to make HDFC Credit Card Payment Online

We have given below how to make HDFC credit card bill payment online for HDFC account holders and non-account holders. Let us first start with a ways for users having HDFC bank account.

With increasing phishing attacks, it is recommended that you carefully make hdfc credit card payment online. Always make payment from your personal computer instead of using cyber cafe.

For HDFC Bank Account Holders

Users having an account with HDFC can use any of the following HDFC credit card bill payment.

  1. HDFC Net Banking

First of all, users have to register themselves at Users can start paying credit card bills online after registration. After login at HDFC Net Banking, link the credit cards to net banking using the ATM PIN. With this facility, users can view their credit card statements for last six months. It will show the credit limit with due dates, all transactions, earned reward points and outstanding bill amount.

hdfc credit card bill payment online

  1. HDFC Bank Mobile Banking App

Download the HDFC bank mobile banking app to your smartphones from the play store. It is available for Androids, Windows, and Blackberry phones.


Give a missed call on the toll free number 1800 270 3344 and you will receive the download link immediately.

Once you have the app on your phone, login the app using your customer ID.

At the credit card, select the option of ‘credit card payment.’ Now you can make HDFC credit card bill payments here.

  1. Payment of HDFC Credit Card Bills by Mobile Banking Browser

Pay your credit card bills by logging on at

This works just like the mobile app. Go to the credit card tab at this link and opt for ‘credit card payment.’ The outstanding bill amount will be debited from the savings account.

  1. Using HDFC Debit Cards at HDFC ATMs

Make HDFC credit card bill payment at any HDFC ATM across India at any time. The outstanding amount can be transferred from your savings account or current account to the customer’s credit card account.

  1. Monthly Autopay / Auto Debits

Autopay is the safest and less time-consuming method for HDFC credit card bill payment. You need to give standing instructions to the bank to auto debit on a specific date. You just need to be sure that your account has sufficient balance on that day. Every month the outstanding amount will be automatically debited on that date.

For Non-HDFC Bank Account Users

If you are using HDFC credit card without holding an account with HDFC, you can pay your credit card bill using following online methods.

  1. Net-Banking for Non-HDFC Accounts

Now net banking method is available to pay HDFC credit card bill payment from any bank accounts. Use the given link of HDFC billdesk. Check the box for ‘I agree with terms and conditions’ and click on blue coloured ‘Pay’ button at the bottom. The HDFC billdesk page also carries all instructions very clearly. You have to select your net banker from the list given in form of drop down menu.

  1. NEFT – National Electronic Fund Transfer

No matter in whichever bank you hold an account, get the funds transferred from your account to the HDFC credit card account. You will be using the IFSC code of HDFC i.e. HDFC0000128 and request your bank to NEFT the amount towards HDFC card payment.

  1. HDFC Visa-Card Pay Service

To pay through this method, register and log on to netbanking page of the HDFC. Follow the below steps:

  • Enter your customer id and password
  • Go to the option of ‘Third Party Funds Transfer’.
  • Select – Visa CardPay
  • Enter the details of the transfer with sender and recipient’s information
  • Confirm the transaction
  • Credit the beneficiary’s card

Now your account is debited online. The funds from your bank account will be transferred to the beneficiary bank in two working days. Then it will be accounted to your card account. HDFC charges nominal charge of Rs. 5 (including taxes) per each Visa CardPay transaction. You can pay maximum Rs. 49,999 per Visa CardPay transaction.

HDFC Card Payment – Offline / Manual Modes

There are some credit card users who are not willing to pay online. Offline methods are also very useful when you are not having internet access. You can do hdfc credit card bill payment through offline means as well. Here are the safe and manual modes to pay:

HDFC Card Payment Pay via Cash or Cheque

Visit any nearest HDFC branch to make payment in cash. Any payment made at an ATM and over the counter will attract a processing fee of Rs. 100 for every transaction.

You can also pay by depositing a local cheque at the HDFC drop boxes at ATMs and any branch. The cheque should be payable to the HDFC bank credit card account. The payment will be credited to the HDFC credit card account in 3 working days.

There are tons of benefits if you make HDFC credit card bill payment online. The HDFC credit card holders can earn many rewards like air travel points, cash back, etc. Online payment methods are time-saving and you can pay from the comfort of your home or office. Also we shared different bank credit card information like Axis bank online payment, SBI, ICICI credit card bill payment and more. We have shown all ways of paying HDFC credit card bill payment online and offline. The different ways give here will help you to make your HDFC card payments on time. This will also maintain your goodwill with the bank. If you have any confusion, drop your comments here.