NDPL Bill Payment: Easiest Ways to Pay NDPL Electricity Bill Online

NDPL bill payment

How to Pay NDPL Electricity Bill

NDPL bill payment procedure is elaborated here for the benefit of users who want to avoid hassles of visiting the NDPL centres. NDPL is abbreviated for North Delhi Power Limited. It was previously known as North Northwest Delhi Distribution Company. However, in 2011, NDPL was named as Tata Power Delhi Distribution Limited. The official site of NDPL allows payment of the NDPL bills or Tata power electricity bills. In this post, we are guiding to how to make NDPL bill payment online at its portal. Online electricity bill payment is a matter of great relief for the consumers. Hundreds of consumers are saving their time and efforts by avoiding to long queues.

Just follow the instructions given further and carry out NDPL online bill payment with few clicks. The power distribution company allows consumers to pay through Credit Card, debit Card, and Net Banking. While you are paying, you will need your customer account no. The net banking mode of payment also gives you a benefit of partial payment. However, if you choose to pay by Axis bank credit card or other debit card, you will need to pay the full amount of your NDPL bill payment.

NDPL bill payment

NDPL Bill Payment Online Process

Find below all the details and direct link to the official page for NDPL online bill payment.

  1. Follow this link: NDPL
  2. You will see the online payment page of the NDPL site.
  3. Enter your customer account as mentioned on the electricity bill.
  4. Please enter your registered mobile number if any.
  5. Also, enter the email address.
  6. However, if you do not know your CA no. , you can just pay by entering your registered mobile number. Click here to make NDPL bill payment with registered mobile number.
  7. Click ‘Pay now’ after entering captcha code and checking the box for terms of NDPL.
  8. You will reach the payment gateway.
  9. Choose the mode of payment and complete the transaction.
  10. You will receive a message of the successful transaction on the screen as well to your email address.
  11. Do take a print out of the payment confirmation receipt.

You can take a print out of the confirmation receipt of the last payment anytime just by entering your CA no. The ndpl.com homepage will show you multiple options related to payments. You can download the e-receipt of the last payment in PDF format.

NDPL Duplicate Bill Print

If you have lost your NDPL bill or need a copy of your electricity at any time, you can download it online from the official site of TPDDL. The NDPL is renamed as Tata Power Delhi Distribution Limited. To download the duplicate bill, you need to register at the www.tatapower-ddl.com. After creating your user id and password, you can get a duplicate bill.

The online NDPL bill payment will be reflected in your account within 4 hours. In any case, if the amount is debited from your account and still you get a transaction failure message, do not worry. Check the e-receipt of the payment on the official site of Tata Power-DDL after 4 hours.

NDPL Bill Payment Methods

There are many other manual and automated ways of NDPL bill payment besides the online method. Consumers can pay NDPL bills using its kiosk-based Any Time Payment Machines. To pay the bills manually, users can pay by cash or cheque at the Tata Power bill collection centres. Here are other major ways of paying NDPL electricity bills:

  1. Cash Cards – ITZ Cash Cards and Oxicash Wallet
  3. ATPMs
  4. Mobile Wallets – PayTM and MMPL
  5. IVRS – Use the number 011-4916 5555 to call and pay by IVRS.
  6. EBPP – To pay by EBPP, use the vendor’s sites like bill desk and bill junction.
  7. NACH

Consumers may also use the official site of Tata Power for NDPL or pay Tata power bill. NDPL bill payment can also be made manually by dropping cheques in the drop boxes. However, a very large number of consumers are now using the NDPL online bill payment. It offers a quick and secure way of paying an electricity bill. Consumers of BSES can refer to online BSES bill payment methods published at our blog. billpayment.co.in provides useful guidelines to pay bills online for the major utilities.

KSEB Online Payment: How to Pay KSEB Bill Online?

KSEB online payment

How to Pay Kerala Electricity Bill Online

Are you looking for complete information on how to pay KSEB electricity bill online? We guide you through the multiple online ways of KSEB online payment. Find instructions about viewing, downloading and paying your bills at wss.kseb.in the self-service portal. The facility allows consumers to pay bills quickly without standing in long queues. You may also check KSEB bill status using this portal. If you want to avoid online registration process, you can pay the bill using the quick pay service. Detailed procedures for paying bills with and without registration are shared here.

Kerala State Electricity Board is the oldest public sector of the country. It generates, transmits, and distributes power across Kerala. The official portal is facilitating consumers to pay bills using their net banking accounts, debit and credit cards. No hassles of carrying your hard copy of the KSEB bill, as you can view and download the bills too. A large number of state and private power distribution companies like Tata Power bill, Bescom, and TNEB are also allowing e-payments.

KSEB online payment

KSEB Online Payment Using QuickPay [without registration]

The official KSEB Quick pay allows paying electricity bills without online registration at the portal. Just follow the simple steps listed below and the pay with few clicks. Consumers just need to know their electrical section, consumer number and the bill number of outstanding bill before paying.

  1. Use the link to access KSEB Quickpay portal: https://wss.kseb.in/selfservices/quickpay
  2. If you do not know your bill number, you can retrieve it using the ‘view bill’ page.
  3. Select the electrical section from the menu and enter the outstanding bill number.
  4. Also, enter the consumer number.
  5. Click ‘submit to see the bill’ to proceed further.
  6. Now you can check the complete details of your bill on the screen.
  7. Verify them and click ‘proceed to payment’.
  8. Select the mode of payment you want to use and click ‘pay now’.
  9. Once you pay, you will receive the payment confirmation to your mobile by SMS or by e-mail.

In the case of any issue with your online KSEB bill payment, you can use the customer care support. Write to cccepaysupport@kseb.net.com or contact 0471-2555544.

KSEB online bill payment

KSEB Electricity Bill Payment with Registration at wss.kseb.in

Now you can also register at the wss.kseb.in portal using the given link. Registered users can view the billing history at any time. You can login the portal using the consumer sign in facility to view all the transaction and billing details.

KSEB New User Registration

  1. Click here for registration: https://wss.kseb.in/selfservices/wss-registerForm
  2. Fill up all the fields including electrical section, the latest bill number and the consumer no.
  3. Create your unique user id and password.
  4. Type the verification code and click ‘register’.
  5. You will soon receive a verification mail from KSEB for activating your registration.
  6. Do remember to verify your email.

Use the login id and password to sign in on the homepage and make KSEB online payment. Being a registered user, you can avoid filling in your details every time you pay. Now you can also view and download your bills and check the status of your bills.

KSEB Online Payment – OrumaWEB Portal for KSEB LT Bills

OrumaWEB portal is the oldest way of making KSEB online payment. Many electrical sections still fall under Oruma WEB portal here.

KSEB bill payment

Here is the link for OrumaWEB portal: http://pg.kseb.in/ui/qpay.php

  1. You will need to furnish your electrical section, consumer no., and bill no.
  2. Also provide your email address and mobile number.
  3. Complete the KSEB online payment at Orumaweb by clicking below options after filling up necessary details:

Proceed to pay Bill > Show Payable Amount > Confirm Payment > Make Payment

  1. Select the payment method and complete the transaction.

We are sure all these methods will help consumers of KSEB to pay their electricity online. Do feel free to drop your comments in case of any confusion with KSEB online payment process. We shared how to pay other states electricity bills like MSEB bill, Tata power, Bescom and more. However, if you are choosing OrumaWEB portal for online KSEB online payment, do make sure to check if your electrical section is available.

UPPCL Bill Payment: Easiest Way to Pay UP Electricity Bill Payment

UPPCL bill payment

UPPCL Bill Payment Online

Learn how to make UPPCL bill payment online at the official website uppclonline.com. The Uttar Pradesh Power Corporation Limited offers online payment facility. Consumers can pay bills, view bills, and check the bill status. The online facilities to register complaints and to print the duplicate bills is also available. Consumers can register themselves at the portal and get a host of services to avoid delays in uppcl online bill payment. Our site has already presented ways to pay several electricity bills online. Consumers of Tata Power, BSES, TNEB, and MSEB can learn how to pay their bills without leaving their homes or offices. Also you can know how to pay CESC bill payment online.

Electricity service is an important service for which timely payments are necessary. The online bill payments will help you to make your payments on time from anywhere you are. UPPCL is a state-owned power generation and transmission company in Uttar Pradesh. It is supplying power to 168 cities. We will guide you through the process of online UP electricity bill payment. Avoid the stress of visiting the UPPCL counters or offices and standing in queues. Enjoy UPPCL bill payment just with few clicks on your computers and laptops. For other states people, we have a separate section for electricity bill payment. You can refer the section for your electricity board bill payment online.

UPPCL bill payment

UPPCL Online Bill Payment Procedure

Here is the complete procedure of paying UPPCL electricity bills online at its official website. Many of you must not be familiar with the online payment. Or you must be sceptical about paying your bills online. The procedure shared here is safe as you will be using the official website of UPPCL.

  1. Click here to reach the official website for UPPCL bill payment.
  2. If you are not a registered user, then create your user id by registering.
  3. At the right-hand side, a window will be showing an option for Pay Bill Online.
  4. Click the option for online payment.
  5. Enter your account number, SBM account no., and bill no. Consumers will find all these details on their bills.
  6. Click the ‘Continue’ option to proceed further with UPPCL bill payment.
  7. Now complete your registration by providing your connection holder name, address. Also, create your unique user id and password.

After registration, you are eligible to pay UPPCL online bill payment. Now you can visit the portal and login using your id and password.

After login, consumers can pay bills online through debit card, credit card or net banking facility. Besides online UPPCL bill payment, you can also use the KIOSK at various UPPCL centers.

UPPCL online bill payment

UPPCL – Online Services

The portal of UPPCL offers numerous facilities to consumers. Consumers can save their time and hassles by using these value-added services.

Here are some of the most useful online services for UPPCL consumers:

  1. UPPCL bill payment
  2. Apply online for a new electricity connection
  3. Tracks status of the application for a new connection
  4. Print and view the duplicate UPPCL bill
  5. Complaints regarding power failure
  6. Changes in new connection
  7. Reporting of electricity theft
  8. Know your bill amount
  9. Know your meter
  10. Know the status of your complaint

Paying UPPCL bill payment is much easier. Avoiding long queues is the major benefit of the online payments. Consumers also enjoy paying bills from anywhere they are. No need to worry if you are missing on the due dates of the bills. It takes few minutes to pay UPPCL bills online. Other important electricity bill

TNEB electricity bill

BSES electricity bill

Though it is simple to make UPPCL bill payment online, new users might get confused. billpayment.co.in is created to solve confusions and queries of the online bill payers. Payments of mobile bills, electricity bills, and credit card bills are monthly affairs. Users can save a lot of time and efforts by paying these bills online. Since all are not acquainted with the digital ways of payment, we have tried to help them. Our step-by-step instructions and links to the official websites are helping a large number of users to make uppcl bill payment. Make sure to refer our blog for any confusion with payments. Our information suggests all the available options to pay the bills using the internet. For more information, users can refer to the related official websites and their customer care numbers.

How to Pay CESC Bill Payment at www.cesc.co.in

CESC bill payment

How to Pay CESC Bill Payment

This post relates online ways of CESC bill payment. Ibillpayment.in carries information and instructions to pay electricity bills online. The blog is guiding to pay Tata Power bill, BSES bill online and online PGVCL bill. Consumers of Calcutta Electricity Supply Corporation will benefit from this particular information. CESC online bill payment can be made at the official website of CESC. It is a major power generating company of India. It serves more than 2 million consumers of Kolkata. The valuable service of online bill payment facility is discussed here in details. The company is also distributing power to parts of Hooghly, Howrah, and other districts of West Bengal. It is also having projects in other states like Tamil Nadu and Maharashtra.

CESC Limited belongs to RP- Sanjiv Goenka Group. The website of the company also offers online quick bill pay and other facilities. Consumers can online apply for a new connection and can check the tariffs. Facility of viewing and printing of the copy of the bills is also available. Before we inform you more details, let us elaborate the way of paying online. CESC bill payment procedure is a simple and quick online procedure. The step-wise method with instructions will make it super easy for you to pay online.

CESC bill payment

CESC Bill Payment Online

Here is the complete process and links to the official website of cesco.co.in. An easy guide to cesc bill payment online. Follow the guide carefully.

  1. Visit the website here for CESC bill payment.
  2. At the right-hand side menu, locate and click the option saying ‘Quick Bill Pay’.
  3. You will see various options at this page including New Connection and Monthly Bill.
  4. Follow the option of ‘Monthly Bill’ with a single click.
  5. At the next page, provide your 11 digits consumer no.
  6. Repeat the captcha code as show and click ‘Submit’.
  7. You will see the total bill amount with all the details.
  8. Click the ‘Pay now’ button.
  9. Choose the mode of payment. You can pay either by credit/debit card or net banking.
  10. Complete the transaction by providing required details.
  11. You will see a message on the screen confirming the payment.
  12. The online bill payment receipt will be generated. Save it or print it for your reference.

While you make online CESC bill payment, do not click the back or the refresh button. Try not to cancel the transaction in the middle.

CESC online bill payment

CESC Copy Bill

The official portals of the power generating companies also facilitate consumers to obtain the duplicate bill. To view or print your duplicate CESC bill, use the below procedure at cesc.co.in

  1. Click here: https://www.cesc.co.in/newcopybill/copybill_new_input.jsp
  2. Enter your customer id. If you do not know your customer id, you can get it just by clicking the link shown there.
  3. Your customer id is different from your consumer no.
  4. Enter the captcha text.
  5. Click the option ‘Generate Duplicate Bill.’
  6. You will view the bill on the screen in PDF format.
  7. You can also print the bill which will be accepted for manual CESC bill payment at the cash counters.

Now you can pay your bills online from anywhere without the bill in hand. While you can place your queries and complaints online, you can also call CESC. For any query, consumers can call below-given helpline numbers of Calcutta Electricity.

CESC Helpline Numbers

  • 1860 500 1912
  • 4403 1912
  • 1912
  • 2225 9156
  • 2225 9157

Consumers can avail other facilities by registering at the website. The registration process just requires you to provide consumer no., mobile number. Email id and date of birth should be provided. If you are a registered consumer, CESC bill payment call centres will trace your number. This will help you to avoid quoting your consumer number every time you call CESC customer care. CESC also sends important information to the registered consumers by email. It will inform you of the bills and other useful value added services.

Likewise CESC bill payment, you will find information on Bescom payment, KSEB bill payment, and MSEB bill payment. The online facility to pay electricity bills is now enjoyed by consumers of all states. We have also shared here methods to pay online bills of leading mobile companies and credit cards.

DHBVN Bill Payment: How to Pay DHBVN Bill Online

DHBVN bill payment

DHBVN Bill Payment Online

Do you want to pay your DHBVN electricity bill online? This article shares complete information on online DHBVN bill payment. Many users are not much net-savvy and find it difficult to make payments online. Hence, we are guiding users to pay bills online at billpayment.co.in. Our blog is committed to providing methods of online payments for electricity bills. Besides electric bills, we have also shown how to pay mobile bills, LIC premium payment, and credit card bills through the internet. Consumers from Haryana are often searching information on how to pay DHBVN and UHBVN bills digitally. Both are divisions of HVPNL which is a state-owned electricity generating and distributing company in Haryana. DHBVN and UHBVN are also known as Dakshin Haryana Bijli Vitaran Nigam and Uttar Haryana Bijli Vitaran Nigam respectively.

Once you go through the instructions, you will find the online DHBVN bill payment very easy. Make sure that you use the appropriate page of the official site. We have shared the links to the official sites. While DHBVN caters to the need of electricity in Southern parts of Haryana, UHBVN distributes power in the Northern region of Haryana. You will find the complete methods of online DHBVN bill payment and UHBVN payments.

DHBVN bill payment

Quick Online Payment of DHBVN Electricity Bills

Consumers can quickly make DHBVN bill payment at the official site. Follow the below instructions and complete the payment process in few minutes.

  1. Click here to reach the official page for DHBVN bill payment.
  2. Enter your customer account number and click the ‘submit’ button.
  3. At the next page you have to furnish your mobile number and email address.
  4. Now select the payment mode. The DHBVN bill payment can be made through following options:
  • Bill Desk
  • CSC Wallet
  • HDFC Bank
  1. Choose the payment mode and fill up all the required details to complete the transaction.
  2. You will get a confirmation of the successful bill payment on your mobile or email.

Consumers can also make multiple DHBVN bill payments at a time. At the top of the page, you will find an option for multiple bill payments. The facility allows you to enter more than one account no. and pay them online.

DHBVN online bill payment

DHBVN Bill Payment

UHBVN distributes electricity in the northern part of Haryana that includes Ambala, Karnal, Yamuna Nagar, Panipat, and other cities. If you are located in the northern Haryana, use the official portal of UHBVN to pay the bills. We have shared below the direct links to the UHBVN website to pay the bill.

Pay UHBVN bills online

Once you enter your account number in the related field and submit it, you can view the UHBVN bill on the screen. Furnish your mobile number and email address on the same page. Choose the payment mode as suitable to you. You can pay by NEFT or RTGS, HDFC bank payment, SBI, Axis bank, CSC Wallet or bill desk. After you pay the bill successfully, you will receive a confirmation by Email as well SMS.

The official portals of DHBVN and UHBVN also offer facilities of viewing payment history and payment receipt online. If you have applied for a new connection, you can also check the status of the application at the website.

DHBVN Duplicate Bill

If you need a duplicate bill of DHBVN, you need to register at its homepage dhbvn.org.in. Scroll down to find an option for ‘Register Now’. Create your login id and password. Now login to view the bill and bill amount.

Download and printing of the duplicate bill is available at the websites of the DHBVN and UHBVN. In the case of any query and complaint, you can call the 24 hours working customer care number of DHBVN. Find below the toll-free customer care numbers of DHBVN and UHBVN:

  • DHBVN: 1800-180-4334
  • UHBVN: 1800-80-1615

Similarly, you can get duplicate bill for UHBVN at uhbvn.org.in. Online bill payments are made easier at billpayment.co.in. The blog features ways of numerous bill payments including electricity, mobile bills and credit cards. Detailed instructions and links to the official websites are given to guide consumers. In a case of any query related to DHBVN bill payment, feel free to leave your comments. We have also posted online bill payment methods for BSES electricity bills and Tata power.

Easiest Ways of IGL Bill Payment at www.iglonline.net

IGL bill payment

IGL Bill Payment

The Indraprasth Gas Limited; popularly known as IGL is India’s major natural gas distribution company. The IGL is mainly operating in the NCR region of New Delhi. Consumers are facilitated to make PNG IGL bill payment through several online and offline ways. This post shares all the different ways of IGL online Payment. Make your IGL online bill payment an easy affair with our information. Online bill payment methods are becoming popular day by day. Mobile apps also enable consumers to pay electricity bills using their smart phones. If you are new to the online bill payment of IGL, this information will help you. Go through the guidelines and pay your bills without any hassle.

IGL is supplying piped natural gas in NCR where consumers get a meter for usage and payment. IGL supplies gas to domestic users as well to factories and other commercials. Currently, it is providing gas in Delhi, Greater Noida, Noida, and Ghaziabad. Piped natural gas connection has eliminated the hassle of handling cylinders for the consumers. The gas bill payment is further simplified with the facility of online IGL bill payment. Check all the modes and ways of IGL online and offline bill payments.

IGL bill payment

How to Pay IGL Online Bill Payment

Here are some easiest ways of online IGL bill payment. Click the links to the official portal of www.iglonline.net and follow the instructions:

Online Payment through IGL portal

Pay through debit card/credit card or net banking at the IGL portal.

  1. Visit the site of IGL: iglonline.net
  2. The right side of the screen, check the options under the customer zone.
  3. Click on the INSTA PAYMENT option.
  4. Type your BP number and click on “Get Details.”
  5. The system will fetch the details of the payment amount.
  6. Click ‘Pay’ option.
  7. Login if you are a registered user. Or register and create a user (BP number) and password.
  8. After login, click “Online Payment”. Choose the payment mode as credit/debit card or net banking.

You will get a confirmation on your registered mail after successful IGL bill payment.

Also you can pay other bill online or offline:

Pay MTS bill online

MTNL bill payment

ECS – Electronic Clearing Services for IGL Online Bill Payment

Pay our bills using your existing bank account under ECS system. Fill the ECSform and get it signed by your bank. Send the filled up form by courier with a blank cancelled cheque. Address is given here:

Indraprasth Gas Limited (Marketing Department)

IGL Bhawan, Plot no. 4, Community Centre, Sector 9,

R.K. Puram, New Delhi 110022.

After you send the ECS form, your service will be activated in 3 weeks.

IGL online bill payment

EBPP – Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment

Most of the banks offer EBPP for easy payments of bills through net banking. To make IGL bill payment, you need to use the net banking portal of your respective bank. Use the option of “Bill Pay” and register for a new biller. Enter state as Delhi and choose the ‘category of billers’ as “Utility”. Choose the “Indraprasth Gas Limited” from the drop down menu and click on “Register”. Type your BP number and provide a nickname of IGL only for your reference. Choose the option for payment and pay your IGL bill payment every month.

Standing Instruction on Credit Card for IGL Bill Payment

Set one-time standing instructions to debit your credit card for the IGL bill amount. Your monthly bill amount will be debited automatically. Download the “SI on CARD” form and courier it to the same address given above.

The IGL bill payment can also be done offline through cash deposit or cheque deposit. Consumers can also walk-in to the IGL retail points to pay IGL gas bills. The retail points offer the facility to pay bills by cash or by swiping credit or debit cards. NCR has over 1000 such outlets. For any help related to IGL bill, call IGL customer care on 1800 102 5109. Online bill payment has made life easy for millions of consumers. Learn out to pay online bills of electricity, mobile, and a host of other services. Keep visiting billpayment.co.in to know how to pay bills online. Check LIC online payment too and pay your LIC premiums online.

TNEB Online Payment: Pay TNEB Electricity Bill Online

TNEB online payment

TNEB Online Payment

Know how to pay TNEB online payment. TNEB is Tamilnadu Electricity Board working since 1957. It is a government owned power generating and distributing company. We have covered online bill payment procedures of all leading power distribution companies of India. You can also check how to pay Tata power bill and BSES electricity bills online.

Online payments are becoming more popular. Most of the people preferring digital payments pay their mobile bills online. This post will show you how to make TNEB online payment. You will know the link to the official site of TNEB from here.

billpayment.co.in is guiding users to pay their bills online. Your confusions regarding online bill payments will be solved easily. Our site carries clear instructions and guides users to the appropriate pages of the official sites to pay their bills online. Check how to pay bills of Idea, Airtel, BSNL, or Vodafone mobiles. In the case of any confusion, contact us to inform your queries. TNEB online payment procedure is explained with all details for your convenience.

TNEB online payment

How to Pay TNEB Online Bill Payment

Follow the below procedure for TNEB online payment. Choose the mode of payment most suitable to you and pay your bills without standing in queues.

STEP – 1 – Registration

  1. Use this official website of TNEB: https://www.tnebnet.org/awp/login
  2. If you are not registered, register and create your user id and password.
  3. Click the option of ‘New User’. Select the option of existing service connection number.
  4. Press the ‘Enter’ button on the screen.
  5. Now select your region from the list on the screen.
  6. Also,give the existing service connection number. (The consumer no. is the service no. you will find in white meter card or your old receipts).
  7. Once, you give connection no., you will immediately get all the details on the screen.
  8. The screen will show the name of the owner of the house and the full address.
  9. Now enter your email address, username, and password.
  10. Fill up all the details and click submit.

After submitting details, you will get an email confirmation. One user can register for multiple consumer numbers. Use the Add Consumer No. option for adding multiple consumer numbers to one login account. You can update your details at a later stage by using an “Update Profile” option.

STEP – 2 TNEB Online Payment Process

After getting confirmation, you can now login using your password and user id you have created.

  1. Use the link as given above and login.
  2. You will find options of Make Payment and Add Service Number at the right side of the screen.
  3. Upon entering your service number, you will see all your details.
  4. Click the option of Make Payment and get a list of banks.
  5. Select the bank through which you want to pay.
  6. Besides net banking, debit cards and credit card facility is also available.

After successful payment, you will get a message on your email. Your e-receipt will be generated.

Tangedco online payment

Sometimes it may happen that after a successful transaction, an error page is displayed instead of the e-receipt. In such case, check if your bank account is debited for the amount or not. If it is debited, do not pay again for the same service number. The TNEB online payment receipt will be sent to your email address in due course. You will also be able to view the receipt in the payment report after confirmation from the bank. Never attempt to pay again without checking your bank account. You also check status of SBI credit card from our portal.

Online payment of LT or low tension electricity bills is facilitated for the entire Tamil Nadu. Consumers can also make TNEB online payment through post offices, Kiosk machines, mobiles, and bank counters. Consumers of Bescom, Tata Power, and BSES are also paying electricity bills online. The TNEB portal also offers an online facility to register complain and know the bill status. Learn to pay vodafone mobile bills online. Also check how to pay HDFC, ICICI, and SBI credit card bills.


BSES Bill Payment: BSES Delhi/ Yamuna/ Rajdhani Electricity Bill Payment Online

bses online bill payment

BSES Online Bill Payment

Paying your electricity bills online can save lots of your time and hassles. If you are fed up of standing in queues for your monthly bill payments, learn to make BSES bill payment online. A large number of states in India are enjoying the facility of online electricity bill payment. BSES is offering online bill payment of power bills in Delhi. BSES Yamuna Power Ltd provides electricity across 14 districts of Central and East regions in Delhi. BSES Rajdhani Power Ltd distributes electricity to 19 districts of South and West regions of Delhi. Consumers search for paying their BSES Delhi bill payment online. Learn how to pay BSES Yamuna bill payment online. Other providers including Tata Power and Bescom are also offering online electricity bill payment facility to the consumers.

bses bill payment

There are multiple methods for online BSES bill payment. We have detailed all the methods for BSES Delhi bill payment. Consumers can choose the method most convenient to them. Billdesk and bill junction are the popular methods for BSES online bill payment. If you do not have your current bill with you, get the duplicate bill online. We have also shown here how to get duplicate BSES bill online. All various payment modes including Kiosk based, cash counters, net banking, credit card, and debit card are listed in this article. BSES bill payment can also be done manually through drop boxes, and ATMs. Similarly, you can also do

BSES Bill Payment Methods

Following methods of online BSES Bill payment will reduce your hassles every month. It is advisable to pay your bills using the BSES portal. Access the links and follow the instructions to pay BSES bill. Similarly, it is also possible to MSEB bill payment online. A procedure for the same has already been covered before.

BSES Online Bill Payment through BSES portal

Follow the below-given steps and pay your bills at any time from comforts of your home or offices.

  1. Click here to reach the BSES portal:


  1. You will be paying through credit card or debit card or net banking at this page
  2. Enter your customer account number and type the captcha code.
  3. Click the ‘Go’ button to reach the payment gateway. Choose your mode of payment and provide required details.
  4. You will get confirmation for successful bill payment.

You must make payment through credit or debit card at least 3 days before the due date. BSES customers can make 4 transactions with one card per month.

bses online bill payment


Use the billdesk portal and get registered. Billdesk is providing services for online payment of electricity and phone bills. After registration of your bank account, you can seamlessly use the services of billdesk for BSES bill payment.

You will also get a notification when the new bill arrives.

Bill Junction

Now pay your BSES bills through bill junction. Bill junction is offering BSES online bill payment service since long. It also requires payers to register their bank account. Mode of the payment accepted is bank accounts.

Netbanking Portals

Use the net banking portals of your banks like HDFC, SBI, IDBI, Citibank etc. for BSES bill payment. Visit your net banking page and sign up for online payment. Add your BSES account on it and you can make your BSES online payment. Your bank will send you a notification when new BSES bills arrive. If you have account with any nationalized bank or any reputed private bank, you can use this facility

BSES Duplicate Bill

Here is a way to obtain your BSES duplicate bill using the official website of BSES.

Click the given link to create your account at BSES portal:

For Duplicate BSES bills, register yourself at the My Account section. Use the option of My Details at the left side. Once you are registered, you can login and view your transaction history, and also obtain duplicate bill.

All the consumers of BYPL and BRPL can pay their BSES bills using the listed methods. Select the mode and method of payment most convenient to you. BSES bill payment can also be done manually by cheque/DD/cash. BSES has payment points in many regions of Delhi where cash payments are accepted.

If you have any query related to online BSES bill payment, do contact us by commenting. billpayment.co.in is guiding users to pay their multiple bills online. Manual ways of paying bills are also listed and elaborated for your convenience. Do remember to visit our site for information on online payment of any bill. Besides BSES online payment, learn how to pay TPDDL bill online easily. For any queries and issues please use the comment section given below.